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Meals on Wheels of The Shoals


Please read:


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have changed our meal delivery system. As our seniors are a vulnerable population, we will be limiting volunteer visits in an effort to protect them and you, our volunteers, and to keep you all safe and healthy.


      For now, we will deliver a hot and frozen meal to each recipient on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the regular time. We ask that our volunteers use social distancing best practices as described below. 

              1. Do not touch or hug our seniors or go inside their                      homes.

              2. Please wear gloves/or use hand sanitizer, along                        with masks as you deliver their meals.


 ***They need limited contact to keep them safe. Please help them to understand that this is for their own health and safety at this time. Some locations may be imposing their own rules and we will need to abide by those as we encounter them. 


As always, thanks for your help with this. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office. As this is a fluid situation, changes may be made again.




Your monthly gift guarantees nourishing meals and human companionship for a frail aged senior in the Shoals who can no longer shop or cook for themselves. A monthly donation of any amount is an easy way to make days special for your home bound elderly neighbors.  Your first gift can be processed today through the Donate button above or the address below!

Can’t commit to a regular donation now? A one-time donation will also make a difference to older residents of the Shoals in need.

Send Donations to:
Meals on Wheels of The Shoals 

Community Action Agency Northwest AL

745 Thompson Street

Florence, AL 35630

Meals on Wheels relies on support from people like you to provide home bound elderly Shoals residents wiith nutritious meals and human contact every day of the year. 

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