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Program Guidelines

** We are accepting appointments/applications from Elderly households, 60 and older, and disabled households for the month of February. Appointments will be open for the general public at a later date.

  Here's how:   (Please make sure you follow the guidelines with ALL paperwork.)


Step 1 - Complete the application


Step 2 - Complete the Client Data Request Waiver


Step 3 - Complete the Declaration of Household Income Form (if necessary)  

Step 4 - Read the Summarized Eligibility Requirements. This is yours to keep.

Return the signed application documents, proof of income for all living in the household for the prior month,  copies of all social security cards for any person living in the household, a copy of picture ID for applicant along with your most recent power, natural gas, and/or propane bills the Community Action office in your county. 

(Important: Processing your application may take time. Once it is approved, we will notify you. The payment will be mailed directly to your utility provider and posted to your account.)


The availability of LIHEAP is not guaranteed. If you have not heard from us within 30 days, please contact your county office.


You may get your information to us in the following ways:

You may schedule an appointment online by Clicking Here OR

You may email your application using the portal on the frontpage of this website OR send by regular mail OR drop off your application and documentation.


To Mail or drop off application and documentation to the county office you live in:

Lauderdale Cty: 745 Thompson Street, Florence, AL 35630/256-766-4330

Colbert Cty: 505 N. Columbia Avenue, Sheffield, AL 35660/256-383-3832

Franklin Cty: 13150 Hwy 43, Suite 4,  Russellville, AL 35653/256-332-7534



Housing Guidelines

Please follow the housing guidelines listed. 


The State of Alabama now mandates the use of a Declaration of Household Income form.  This form is to be completed by the person applying for assistance. It will include income information on each household member 18 and older. You may visit one of our offices to request a form or click here for the Declaration of Household Income Form


Please read carefully all federal and state requirements below.

If any of the following applies to you or anyone in your household then you MUST have all documentation in order to be seen for your appointment.


  • Original Social Security cards for everyone in your household. 

  • Current Alabama Picture ID of the head of household including spouse, if applicable. Please check your ID expiration date.

  • An Unpaid Current Original Power/Gas Bill. Note: Utility bills MUST be in the head of the household or spouse’s name only. If in the Landlord’s name you must provide a rental agreement or letter.

  • You MUST provide proof of Gross income for the PREVIOUS MONTH for ALL PERSONS living in the household. 

Proof of income may include examples below and/or other types of income proof:

  1. Adult - Check stubs from the employer, Social Security, SSI, pension, unemployment, VA benefits, or self-employment records. If you are a NACOLG employee our agency requires your income.

  2. A child's - Child Support, TANF and/or Childs Social Security/SSI benefits

  3. Any other income verification information you may have.

  4. Adult - Proof you are actively seeking disability benefits for adults stating no income.

  5. The Declaration of Household Income form is to be completed by the person applying for assistance if any of the following situations apply to the applicant and/or any household member age 18 and over for the previous month:

    • Had no income and verification cannot be obtained from a governmental entity such as DHR, Dept of Labor, Public Housing Manager, etc.​

    • Received income from occasional work such as lawn care, house cleaning, babysitting, car repair, etc.

    • Received money from family/friends

    • Received income not reported elsewhere. 

  • Non-parental guardians MUST PROVIDE documentation from the Court or Department of Human Resources showing current permanent or temporary custody of children living in the household.

  • If you live in reduced income housing which includes

  • Public Housing, Section 8, or ANY income-based housing you must bring your lease or housing choice voucher.





Click here for Housing Assistance Packet

You can submit your paperwork on the front page of the website!


Applications will be available M-F between 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. or on the website. 

In order to allow limited funds to serve the most families in need, please be aware we will give preference to families that have not received financial assistance from this program in the past.


Please bring the following, as applicable, to all appointments:

  1. Valid Alabama Picture ID required for the head of household

  2. Social Security Cards for ALL household members. Copies cannot be accepted.

  3. Proof of all income in the household from all sources for the previous month. This includes but is not limited to (Child Support, TANF, Employment, Unemployment, Social Security, SSI, Retirement, VA, and other sources of income including family support, etc.)  ALL persons over age 18 must show proof of income. Please note that any benefits received due to a child in the home, such as TANF, child support, child’s SSI, etc. consider your child’s income and must be brought. Every person over the age of 18 with no income of their own must bring in current proof that you are actively seeking employment through the Alabama Career Center or one of the local temp. agencies.

  4. Proof of actively seeking disability benefits for any adult stating no income.

  5. Copies of all bills paid monthly

  6. Your original utility bill showing proof of current electric service will be required.

  7. Rental lease agreement and last receipt of payment.  If you do not have a lease agreement you must provide a written statement from your landlord that includes the monthly rent amount, the total amount owed, and his/her contact information.

  8. If applicable, any eviction notices.



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